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Poland is a country with great geographical diversity. In the south, there are mountains spreading along the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Northern border of  Poland is mainly the wide, sandy beaches of The Baltic Sea. Szczecin is located in the west, close to the border with Germany. The eastern border of Poland is the border of the European Union. In between, one can find numerous lake areas, fields and forests. Polish population amounts to 38 million (of which 97% are the Polish). The currency is Polish zloty (PLN). Average monthly net salary amounts to EUR 700.

And here is our subjective information package for those who want to study in Poland:

  • HISTORY – Polish history dates back to over 1000 years. Since 2004 Poland has been a member of the European Union.
  • DEVELOPMENT – since the accession to the EU Polish development has been very dynamic
  • NATIONAL HOLIDAYS – when the University and shops are closed
  • FOOD – delicious and healthy. Polish apples have recently become very famous.
  • TOURISM – you simply must visit Poland!

Study in Poland

Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe and one with the highest economic growth among all post-soviet countries. It is also a country with over 1000 years of tumultuous history and very rich culture. Poland is also a great place to study, especially if you are interested in maritime studies. Poland has over 770 km shoreline with thousands of companies within the maritime industry and their high engagement in international relations. People who decide to study in Poland appreciate very much low living costs when compared to the rest of Europe, high quality of education and public administration as well as diversity of nature throughout the country. Studying in Poland will most certainly be an amazing experience and a head-start in your future career.

For more info about how it is to study in Poland, please visit: