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Szczecin, the capital of the West Pomerania region, is located near the German border (130 km from Berlin) and only 65 km away from the Baltic Sea. The city is often referred to as a Green City because of numerous parks, forests and other green areas. It is also called a Paris of the North with regard to specific layout of buildings modelled on one in the actual capital of France.

Few centuries ago West Pomerania was the ducal territory of the Griffin dynasty. Throughout ages Szczecin was a part of Sweden, Prussia and Poland. For centuries it was a city of cross roads, from West to East of Europe and from Scandinavia to Balkans. Today it has become the regional centre of trade and industry, education and culture and a place with a developing tourist industry. Even though the old image of the city has changed it still fascinates visitors with its charming places: parks, bridges, fountains, buildings, the castle, and many other that make the city one of the best to study in Poland.

Please find below some information which might prove interesting for students from abroad:

  • STUDENTS – in Szczecin there are approximately 40 thousand students including several thousands from other countries
  • INTERESTING PLACES -  take a virtual walk around the city
  • EVERYDAY LIFE – the city is throbbing!
  • THE ORTHODOX CHURCH – apart from Roman Catholic churches in the city there is also an orthodox church
  • BICYCLES – apart from sound public transport system there are also municipal bicycles at your disposal
  • THE WEATHER – the climate in Szczecin is fairly mild and moderate
  • STUDY IN POLAND – more information about how it is to study in Poland
Additional advantage of the city is its general affordability. Costs of a room in a dormitory amounts to ca 90 euro per month, monthly public transport ticket to ca. 19 euro, two-course dinner 4 euro, a beer in a pub 2 euro and a ticket to cinema 4 euro. So if you want to study in Poland in the very middle of Europe and do not want to run out of money before your “pay day”, Szczecin would be definitely a good choice.