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Estimated monthly cost of student's maintenance in Szczecin

Estimated monthly cost of student's maintenance in Szczecin

ACCOMMODATION in a dormitory (double room) 105 €
COST OF LIVING (food, phone, public transport ect) 333 €
HEALTH INSURANCE (at the National Health Fund ) 12 €
TOTAL 450 €
ACCOMMODATION outside a dormitory is more expensive and the prices range from  PLN 1000  for renting of a single room in a larger flat to about PLN 1500  (plus bills of about PLN 350) for renting of the whole one-room flat.

COST OF LIVING including food in the amount of about PLN 1200, a phone with internet access in the amount of about PLN 60 and transport - about PLN 40. The amount for food includes lunch is the university canteen as well as breakfast and dinner prepared on one's own. About 300 metres from the dormitories, there is a supermarket, where it is possible to buy food products at good prices. An alternative for the university canteen may also be diners (PL: bary mleczne) which are places where (healthy and cheap) meals are partly financed by the Polish state budget. Transport in Szczecin is well-developed, modern and inexpensive. A monthly ticket for all ordinary connections for students costs PLN 50. In addition, students may also use the city bike (87 stations in the whole city), which may be used for free (provided that it is rented for maximum 15 minutes, but it can be rented free of charge for any number of times).

HEALTH INSURANCE at the National Health Fund for foreign students costs PLN 56 (in round figures). Although it is obligatory only during the sea-going placement, it is strongly recommended to take it out as it covers most of the medical services in Poland.