Solidarity with Ukraine Fund

The Maritime University of Szczecin has established a special fund called "Solidarity with Ukraine" which gives Ukrainian students the opportunity to receive special allowances.

The fund was established on March 24, 2022 to support students of the Maritime University of Szczecin from war-torn Ukraine. The collected funds will be transferred to students who, as a result of the war, found themselves in a difficult financial situation (e.g. loss of income, housing, death of parents). They will be able to receive a maximum of PLN 2,000 (about EUR 420) per year, and in special cases even PLN 4,000 (about EUR 840) per year. The amount of the granted support will be considered individually depending on the situation of a given student. The support received is exempt from personal income tax

The fund is powered by contributions from donors: natural persons, companies and other institutions and entities. Anyone can donate any amount for this purpose. Every, even the smallest amount matters. We count especially on university employees, our students from Poland, residents of Szczecin, regional companies, maritime universities and people of the sea from around the world, and all people of good will.

The proposed form of aid is of a long-term nature. All donors can be sure that the donated money will only go to students who have suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine.

It is worth underlining that 187 people from Ukraine study at our university, including 18 underage students.

Payments to the fund are accepted on the account:

  • Account owner / recipient: Akademia Morska w Szczecinie (Maritime University of Szczecin)
  • Address - first line: ul. Wały Chrobrego 1-2
  • Address - second line: 70-500 Szczecin, Polska (Poland)
  • Name of the bank: Bank Pekao SA VII O/Szczecin
  • Bank account number: 91 1240 6292 1111 0011 1247 3919
  • IBAN: PL 91 1240 6292 1111 0011 1247 3919
  • Transfer title, Solidarity with Ukraine

You can also donate online through our fundraiser on the website What is important, charges no fees on this fundraiser. 100% of all donations are forwarded to our students.

Originally our goal was to collect minimum of PLN 200,000 until September 30, 2022. However, in the first round, only 24 eligible students applied for a special allowance. So, to pay everyone an average of PLN 2,000, we need to collect PLN 48,000. PLN (rounded off PLN 50,000). Therefore we changed the goal of our fundraising campaign to adapt it to the real needs of our students. We will keep you updated on the fundraising progress (at least once a week).

Donors (updated: September 21, 2022)

Person / companyAmount
Marco Service Sp. z o.o. PLN 4000 - 20 donors >>> PLN 2481
CSL Sp. z o.o. PLN 2000
A&A Shipping Co. Ltd. PLN 1000
Morska Stocznia Remontowa Gryfia S.A. PLN 1000
Scan Shipping Pol Sp. z o.o. PLN 1000
Stanisław I. PLN 1000
Wioletta S. PLN 1000
Mirosław G. PLN 600
Tomasz A. PLN 500
Agnieszka D. PLN 200
Grzegorz B. PLN 200
Grażyna W. PLN 150
Stefan J. PLN 100


  • Open letter to all maritime industry stakeholders
  • Regulations of the "Solidarity with Ukraine" fund
  • Application for a grant from the "Solidarity with Ukraine" fund