10% of MUS students are foreigners

Currently, 340 students – approximately 10% of all AM students – are foreigners. The vast majority of them come from Ukraine and Belarus and study in Polish language on tuition fee-paying basis (only EU citizens and those who have the Polish Card are studying for free). In addition to students from Ukraine and Belarus, the largest group studying in Polish language are students from Russia and the Czech Republic (7 people from each country), Lithuania (6 people) and Slovakia (3 people). In addition to the above groups, one student from Congo and one from Egypt also study with the Polish language groups. In English-speaking groups (including the first and the second year), the largest group of foreigners are Ukrainians (5 people) and Turks (4 people). Other foreigners in English-speaking groups come from Bulgaria, Georgia, Indonesia, Ireland, Canada, Kenya, Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Sweden and Italy.

Orientation days for English-speaking group

Inauguration of the academic year in Maritime Academy

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