The studies last 4 years (8 semesters including one devoted to seagoing service). As a part of this field of study, the following specialisations are available beginning from the 3rd semester:

  • Marine Electrical Automation,
  • Mechatronics of Power Systems.
A graduate of this field of study is awarded the degree of inżynier (corresponding to Bachelor of Engineering). Having completed the Marine Electrical Automation specialisation, he/she may find employment among crew members of sailing vessels as a ship electrical automation officer, in technical supervision services of ship operators, in classification association services, in production and repair shipyards, in shipbuilding industry enterprises as well as others involved in manufacturing and operation of machinery and mechatronic systems.
Graduates of the Mechatronics of Power Systems (shore-based specialisation)  are prepared to take positions in production and repair shipyards, repair services of production enterprises, technical supervision services of enterprises, classification associations, design, construction and technological institutions connected with shipbuilding industry.